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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Or… how do you mend a broken heart? There are a lot of songs about breaking up. Nearly as many as there are about falling in love. Some break ups are easy to deal with. Others hurt so much you … Continue reading

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A History – Brand New Year, Brand New Page

Wow, it’s 2010 already. Are you ready to start writing for real? Well, okay, you’ve been writing for real. I get that. But, are you ready to get serious about your writing? That means writing every day, even if it … Continue reading

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What I learned in 2009

Hello, I’m April Dawn, and I’m blogging for Shiela Stewart this week, so I thought I would share a little of what I learned in 2009. Now that 2009 has come to an end, I thought I would share what … Continue reading

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Interview – Angel Martinez

Today we are interviewing Angel Martinez. Welcome to A History, Angel. Let’s start with some random questions. What kind of music do you like? Yes. It might be easier to ask what kinds of music I don’t like. I grew … Continue reading

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The Innocent Hero

“He made love with a sort of unflagging joy that made me think that male virginity might be a highly underrated commodity.” ––Claire Randall, Outlander heroine. Ever since reading OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon, I have been fascinated by the concept … Continue reading

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Resolutions for 2010

Ten, nine, eight… Wait a minute! I am not ready for 2010. I haven’t made my New Year’s Resolutions yet. Okay how difficult can this be. Hmmm… I am certain if I could find last year’s list there was an … Continue reading

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One Man's Thoughts: Men v Women

‘A beefy caveman totes his trusty club over one shoulder while he drags an unconscious woman by the hair through the dregs’ in many ways sums up the nature of romantic relationships. For the caveman, he has proven himself worthy … Continue reading

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